Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reece's Rainbow Grants: Secure?

A very important question you may have about Vinnie's Adoption grant: What happens if things go wrong? What if he is adopted in country, or by anybody who is not connected by Reece's Rainbow? What if his country decides he's unadoptable? What if he gos to be with Jesus like James... and no longer needs a grant to have a familiy?

Good question. The answer?
"<em>It is given to another child if it is a waiting child grant and the child becomes unavailable. We always try to choose another child with the same disability, same age and same country if possible. If it is a child that had been selected by a family, the family would be able to choose another child and keep the grant (but only if the child is truly not available, not if they just decide to pick a different kid or different country program).</em>"  ~<a href="">Shelley </a>with <a href="">Reece's Rainbow</a>

Furthermore, when a child turns six years old, they enter the older child section of Reece's Rainbow and no longer have their own individual grant. In this case, I believe their grant goes to the "Older Child Grant" fund on Reece's Rainbow. At no time does the grant get absorbed by the staff at Reece's Rainbow.

Note: All donations made to grants have 10% taken to help keep Reece's Rainbow functioning. We have confidence in this organization.

***We have received a few fabulous donations for Vinnie's fundraiser, but we are still accepting more! We will continue accepting donations until I have time to contact some businesses to request donations of gift cards. I hope to have the fundraiser before the end of August. So if you had something you wanted to donate, don't wait! Let me know soon!

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