Thursday, September 1, 2011

Give-away for Vinnie! Sep 1-18th!

Take a look at Vinnie's grant on Reece's Rainbow. $4000! Isn't that incredible! God has been generous! If a family was ready to adopt Vinnie, but didn't have the thousands required to pay his ransom, that's a big bite out of it! The total cost to bring him home is about $22,000. I would love to knock another piece out of that mountain. Donate to Vinnie's fund and be part of our great giveaway or click on over to the silent auction (selling handy-man services, construction services, and more!).

PLEASE - double check that i know how to contact you! At least one donor has an old email address and has not commented, so I don't know how to contact you if you (probably) win a prize!

Giveaway details:
  • Each dollar donated will give you one chance to receive a gift!
  • Each place you share this giveaway (twitter, blogs, facebook, etc.) will grant you another five chances!
  • Our goal is to raise $1000!
  • The give-away will end September 18th, 2011 at midnight.

More donations = more gifts:
  • If less than $100 is donated, we will give away one of the Thermal Totes by "31 Gifts"
  • If $100-$149 is donated, we will give away the $100 Best Buy gift card.
  • Every additional $50 donated will add one or more items to be given away, depending on the value of the item(s). The order of gifts to be given is yet to be determined, but we will be fair! Remember, if $1000+ is donated, all prizes will definitely be given away!
  • Only one prize per person!

How To Participate:
  1. Donate and/or electronically share.
  2. Leave one comment for each thing you've done. (donated, shared on facebook, twitter, etc. You do not have to state how much you donated in the comments)
  3. If you have additional questions, check the FAQ at the bottom of this blog post

Your prizes!:

    $100 Best Buy Gift Card

$50 Gift Card

$50 Gift Card to place of your choice (must be able to purchase online for you)

Stunning purse or tote by Tote-Ally Blessed w/ magnetic snap and inside pocket
13"W x 16"H (plus handles)

Lovely Fall Mesh and Fabric Tote by Saint Child

Large Diaper Bag - Purchased in Beijing by Morning Star Project
Very attractive silky black

TWO Prayer Shawls (like this but with fancier scalloped edge)
MP3 Bible on 4 cds - ESV - Like New

See it and Sign it - Introduction to ASL

SET: Two adoption memory books:
Baby Book for Adopted Children
and Adoption Journal

31 Gifts Thermal Tote - 14.5” L, 9.5” H, 4.5” D
Floral Celebration

31 Gifts Thermal Tote - 14.5” L, 9.5” H, 4.5” D
Botanical Lace

31 Gifts Thermal Tote - 14.5” L, 9.5” H, 4.5” D
Harvest Floral

31 Gifts Thermal Tote - 14.5” L, 9.5” H, 4.5” D
Circle Spiral

Wet bag by Assunta Store to support Little Flower Project
Snow Leopard Pattern - with extra zippered pocket
Wet bag by Assunta Store to support Little Flower Project
Cow Print Pattern - with extra zippered pocket
(Folded in photo - same size as Snow Leopard)

Cute crocheted bag - 10"W x 16"H
Pastel Stripes
Cute crocheted bag - 10"W x 16"H
Blue 'Floral'

Cute crocheted bag - 10"W x 16"H
Light Blue
Cute crocheted bag - 10"W x 16"H
Pink Stripes

Cute crocheted bag - 10"W x 16"H
Pink and Brown


1. How to donate?
Click on the chipin on the sidebar. Donations are through paypal. You can use your credit/debit card without having a paypal account. If you would like to donate by check, let us know that you're participating in the giveaway and write Vinnie on the subject line before mailing it to:
Reece's Rainbow
PO Box 4024
Gaithersburg, MD 20885

2. How to find out if you are being given a prize?
I will notify the winners by email and also post the winners on the blog not long after the fundraiser closes.

3. Do I pay shipping for my prize?
We are going to pay the cost to ship the prizes to the winners. If you would like to help cover the cost of shipping or if you are local, let us know!

4. Can I donate an item?
Yes, you can! We can do another giveaway later or we can add it to this fundraiser right now! Thank you!

5. How do I contact you?
Email us at


  1. Shared on facebook! Hooray! Melissasista

  2. Shared on FB! Praying for Vinnie! Lydiacousin (not quite as cool as Melissasista)... ;-)

  3. I'm a little slow, but I used Chip-in and sent a donation.

  4. I've posted on OrphanCorps FB, Twitter, and make a blog post on my personal adoption blog! :) Sorry it took me so long:( I am finally getting to all my "adoption computer work" this week. :) Thank you for the time and energy you are putting into helping this sweet little boy find his forever family!

  5. Donation! Woot! Hi Brian and Rachel. I've never posted on someone's blog before.

  6. I donated through ChipIn on your sidebar.
    I'm super excited and thankful to the Lord that Vinnie has found a family!


  7. I shared on Facebook. I'm "Fruit Bearer" on Facebook.

    Thanks so much for doing this for Vinnie,

  8. I also shared on Twitter.

    May God bless you and your family abundantly as you continue to serve God faithfully by serving others, especially the orphans! James 1:27


  9. We just chipped in through paypal. Sorry it took us so long! Vinnie has been heavily on my heart.