Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vinnie - Last Days

It's the last seven days of Vinnie's fundraiser! We have $715 left to reach our goal... $285 already raised!

I have had the honor of talking with different families who wish they could adopt him... and they all wonder, "but how could we afford it?" It's not that they don't have the medical resources, the emotional fortitude, the room in their house, or the support of their family... it's the money. People who are adopting have normal lives, normal expenses, normal children; they experience pay cuts, illness, and busy schedules. They are ready to bring a child into their home... a child forever. No longer an orphan, never again. But how can they manage it?

With the support of the church?

Please, donate to Vinnie's grant. The chipin on the sidebar goes directly to his personal grant. Share his need. In hopes of getting more people involved, of getting Vinnie closer to being brought into a family, we have all the prizes below to give away. Drop in and leave comments when you share the fundraiser on facebook or donate to his grant. Have some work to do? Drop into our auction here and every dollar you pay for your project will go instead to help bring Vinnie home, thanks to great sponsors.

Vinnie, we have not forgotten you!
(I can't wait to see some meat on those little legs...)

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