Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am so excited to share this with you!!!

Vinnie has a mama and papa coming for him and brothers and sisters waiting for him! It blesses my heart so much and brings such peace to my soul. It makes me feel SO GOOD. I can't tell you who his family is quite yet, but will tell you soon! We have to wait for certain paperwork to get to certain places so everything is all official. And they probably want to tell their own family first too.

If you haven't entered his giveaway yet or looked at the auction: head over now and bless the socks off of Vinnie's family!!!

(I just love saying that! Vinnie's family. VINNIE's family. Vinnie's FAMILY. Orphan no more.)

Wait just a little longer, buddy! I am praying you home to your mommy by next Christmas!

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  1. Hang on sweet Vinnie! Praying for swiftness. Rachel, you are amazing :)))