Monday, September 19, 2011


Praise God! $1420 was donated to Vinnie's grant. You'll see the rest of the dollars show up in his grant fund as the donations are manually entered one at a time. Right now his grant shows $4639 ( but you should see it get up to about $5300 in the next couple days! I have been in awe as I have had the honor of watching the church come and love on a little orphan boy on the other side of the world.

We'll have so much fun drawing winners tonight! I said only one prize per person... that means that many different people will be receiving "thank you gifts" for their part in helping Vinnie home. I will draw the most valuable prizes first, giving the people who donated the most the best chance at those items. Stand by!

Vinnie's family has promised me a "scoop" on their family... and they also have a blog... good news all around!

Just so you know, we signed up to be Christmas Warriors for a little boy named Valenz. I'll share his story and we can pray a family comes for him too... more on that in October.

What would you buy if you got the $100 Best Buy gift card?

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